Getting to Know Your Belgian Chocolates

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Getting to Know Your Belgian Chocolates

Have you ever wondered why Belgian chocolates always seem so popular? When you think of chocolates, “Belgian” always brought to mind. If you still don’t know what Belgian chocolates are or have never heard of them, you probably will hear about them anytime soon. It’s easy to tell where these particular chocolates are from just by taking note of their name. But do you know just how long they’ve been making Belgian chocolates? The first batch was made even before the 19th century.

What makes Belgian Chocolates Different?

What makes Belgian chocolates different from others is not just their distinct taste. Almost every other product out there has a distinct taste. What makes them different is how they’re made. Nowadays, if you visit Belgium, you will find that there are guided tours in their chocolate factories which are nowhere near that of Willy Wonka’s. You can describe their factories as more like old-fashioned bakeshops and the people who make the chocolates are not even using high-tech equipment. Belgium chocolates are made mechanically and, in fact, the gadgets they use are the same models they’ve been using since decades ago.

Who was the man behind the creation of these delicious chocolates?

Jean Neuhaus is the man behind the famous chocolate. He was able to transform plain cacao candies into more interesting ones by creating shell-like covers. But he did not stop there. He proceeded to create fillings and after these were tasted by his neighbors and customers, the chocolates became famous. Today, there are lots of factories making them, although their taste, texture, softness, and fillings can vary greatly.

Where can I get Belgian chocolates?

You can basically get them in almost any chocolate shop these days – definitely no need to go to Belgium. But if you want to check how these are made just like in the old days, then you may have to travel to Belgium and join their guided tours. Or, because of technology, the world has become a lot smaller and you can be sure you’d find these delectable goodies online and buy them from there.

Whether you are buying these goodies for your family, lover, friends, or just for yourself, you will definitely find lots of Belgian chocolates. Prices may vary with each maker but they will mostly be reasonable. It’s just a matter of finding the right website from which to order.
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