The True Gourmet Chocolate Experience

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The True Gourmet Chocolate Experience

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Gourmet, from the word itself, stands in relation to food and means “of high-quality”. This is also known to be sophisticated, rare, meticulously prepared and sometimes expensive. With this definition, gourmet chocolates are regarded fine chocolate confectioneries.

Chocolate is made from both raw as well as processed foods from the cacao seeds. This seed is known to be cultivated in Central America almost 3,000 years ago. Cacao seeds are usually used in make chocolate beverages in those times.

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To make chocolate, the cacao seeds must be fermented. After that, the seeds are dried and roasted. This is with the shell being taken out. This produces cacao nibs.

These nibs are grounded until they turn into liquid, which subsequently becomes pure liquid chocolate. This is known as chocolate liquor. Thus, Cocoa solids and butter are created when this cocoa liquor is processed.

There are different kinds of chocolates. Unsweetened pure chocolates only have Cocoa solids and butter in it. Milk chocolates are the sweet type due to the fact that it contains condensed milk or milk powder.

As for white chocolate, they do not have cocoa solids but they contain cocoa butter, milk and sugar.

Most people all over the world have become chocolate lovers whether it is in the form of food or beverage. With the advancement of technology, the production of mass chocolate candies is now made easier to make and sell.

In addition, some chefs make use of chocolates as a part of their food delicacies, such as in specialty dishes, desserts as well as beverages.

At present, a popular type of chocolate has come out. This is known as gourmet chocolates. What does gourmet chocolate mean? Gourmet, from the word itself, stands in relation to food and means “of high-quality”.

This is also known to be sophisticated, rare, meticulously prepared and sometimes expensive. With this definition, gourmet chocolates are regarded fine chocolate confectioneries.

However, there are no regulations in terms of the standards of chocolate being classified as gourmet.

With this, how can one know if he or she is buying a gourmet kind of chocolate? From the definition in itself, you need to assess the total package of the chocolate being bought.

To start with, the ingredients of the chocolate should be made from its purest form. The usage of pure cocoa butter as well as solids will make the gourmet chocolate delicately flavorful instead of having the usual vegetable fat flavouring.

Moreover, these ingredients should be placed early on the list of other ingredients. In addition, if one is planning to buy truffle chocolates, one must look for unique as well as fresh ingredients. There must be no preservatives.

Furthermore, the presentation is also the key for making gourmet chocolates. Being an art in itself, the packaging and presentation would show how the maker carefully and intricately designed his craft.

To serve at its best, gourmet chocolates should be made with a big heart and passion for chocolates. With taste and quality masterfully interwoven together, this makes gourmet chocolates the most expensive and delectable treat.

Listed below are the top five gourmet chocolate makers:

1. Christopher Norman Chocolates


Christopher Norman chocolates are beautifully crafted chocolates that were created with utmost perfection. Each piece has been hand made, thus creating a sensual luscious treat with extraordinary provoking taste. One of the finest in New York City!

2. MarieBelle New York

MarieBelle New York

Created by Maribel Lieberman, her fine chocolates are a combination of art and electic ingredients. A taste would bring you poignant emotions of delight and contentment.

Just like the beautiful gems delicately placed in their stylish Italian boxes, MarieBelle New York gourmet chocolate is sure worth the treasure hunt!

3. Lake Champlain Chocolate

Lake Champlain Chocolate

Native delicacies such as these bring traditions to ultimate experience. Especially made from Vermont, this craftsmanship has been passed from generation to generation, bringing with them the classical flavours of the original Vermont pride.

It sure makes you feel like home.

4. Romanicos Chocolates

Owned by Alejandra Bigai, her mastery would account to her presentation of the chocolate, according to its own nature: luxurious, sultry, and most of all mouth wateringly delicious.

Hand rolled to its perfection, these gourmet chocolates exude delectable flavours such as passion caramel, and holy berry, heavenly vanilla, wild coconut, and a whole lot more!

The Piccolo Art Collection also showcases chocolates that are hand painted wand are filled with nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, as well as pistachios. These are even beautifully and wonderfully packaged! You will never go wrong with Romanicos Chocolates.

5. L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

This company makes gourmet chocolates at its most natural! This is aside from being fresh, delicious and original. This is due to the fact that each chocolate being made is uniquely designed.

They are handmade can be ordered beforehand. This is what L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates are known for.

Aside from this, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, you will find the home of Hershey’s chocolate itself. It is also regarded as the sweetest place in the globe. Aside from the Hershey Park, it also has the Chocolate Spa and the Hershey’s Chocolate World.

This area is definitely a chocolate lover’s paradise. Aside from experiencing their Chocolate Tour, they also have the Kitkat Cafe and the Hershey’s Factory Works among others.

Not only will you be able to view the entire Hershey’s Chocolate Factory, you can also take part in an interactive chocolate making project. You will have the chance to design your own chocolate cupcake and chocolate flavoured ice cream.

Thus, Every July is the anniversary of Hershey Kisses.